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During the year the Xewkija Local Council maintains the roads of Xewkija by patching regularly any pot holes.  Obviously it would be much better if the roads are resurfaced by hot asphalt but this is not possible financially. Therefore patching works is ordered and paid for by the Council.

Major patching works were done in different streets where there were problems of road leveling.  The Council tried to solve much of these problems although still others parts need to be resurfaced.

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Besides patching works the Council construct pavements.  Pavements were constructed around all the village in various roads.  The Council also installed benches.
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A bench was also installed near the Bocci Clubs after that we had a request from the same Bocci Club, in Soil Street.
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The Government is introducing the system where the refuse will be separated.  Therefore its company, The 'Wasteserve Co.' requested the Councils to put the "Bring in Sites' Bins in every locality.  In Xewkija the bins were placed at Widnet il-Bahar Street.  It is important that these are used properly.  The Council also provides the services of Open Skips every Saturday in the same street.


The Xewkija Local Council agreed with the Faces Co. Ltd. to install new Bus Shelters in Xewkija.  In fact many of the old Bus Shelters were removed and replaced by the new ones.  New Bus Shelters were also installed where there were no Bus Shelters before.
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A guide map about Xewkija was installed at the Xewkija main Square.  A road hump was constructed at J. De La Vallette Street corner with St Elizabeth Street to avoid as much as possible traffic accidents.  Although the main roads (arterial roads) are within the responsibility of the central Government the Council also finance some of the works done in these roads.  For example the central strips were flowered at our expense.
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Projects - 2004 Others 9 The alley in Sta Marija Street was resurfaced by concrete as it was in a dangerous state.
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