Xewkija Day - 2003

Philip Dingli and Monica Farrugia presenting the Xewkija Day Activity

The Local Council organizes various activities for the occasion of Xewkija Day, The 27th November.  For the 325th anniversary of our village the Council organized special activities which were held during the month of November.


On the 8th November a Talent and Beauty Festival was organized with the co-operation of Kummissjoni Attivitajiet Prekursur.  This was held at the Xewkija Parish Center and there was a good participation from the youngsters of our village.  The Mayor Dr Monica Vella presented the trophies to the winners of this event.


Bird Show - The Mayor presenting trophies to participants
Sunday, 9th November 2003, a Bird Show was organized at the hall of Rosa Magro Primary School.  The Gozo Bird Association was in charge of this show.  The Mayor presented trophies to the participants and winners.


Mons. Carmelo Mercieca welcomes Polish Choir in Xewkija Rotunda
The next activity was on Thursday 13th November.  A popular choir from Poland participated in the 5.15pm mass at the Rotunda Church.  The choir named “Pueri Chantores”, also sang church singing after the same mass.  Archpriest Mons. Carmelo Merciea welcomed the choir at the Rotunda Church while Dr Monica Vella (Mayor) and the group leader exchanges souvenirs.


Football Festival and Bocci Tournament

With the co-operation of the Xewkija Tigers Nursery FC a football festival was organized at the Xewkija Training Ground.  Five Under 10years teams of other nurseries participated in this tournament which was held on the 22nd November.  The Mayor presented trophies to all participants. 


A Bowling (Bocci) tournament was held on Saturday 22nd November, at the Xewkija Bocci Club.  Banda Prekursur marched through the roads from the Xewkija Local Council Office in Triq Torri Tingi to Triq Hamrija near the Bocci Club where the Mayor presented the trophies to the winners of the Bowling tournament.


Activities at Xewkija Primary School

On Thursday 27th November (which is the date when Xewkija was declared a parish) a mass was celebrated at the Rotunda Church.


Afterwards, at the Rosa Magro Primary School’s Hall, a musical program was held by Banda Prekursur directed by Mro Anthony Borg.  During the same evening children who participated in the competitions organized by the Council earlier this month were presented by books and the best compositions were read by the same students.


The Head of School, Ms Antonia Sammut was presented by Lm200 worth books to be used for the school.  The Mayor, Dr Monica Vella presented the certificates to those who participated in summer courses.  Joanna Saliba on behalf of Radju Prekursur presented the Mayor books as a donation to the Xewkija Public Library.


Arts and Crafts Exhibition
An Art and Craft exhibition was organized.  Students that attended summer courses had the opportunity to show their talents and what they learned as this exhibition was full of items made by themselves.


Premju Gieh ix-Xewkija - Guzepp Vella
At the end of the evening, but not least, the Xewkija Mayor Dr Monica Vella announced the winner of the ‘Premju Gieh ix-Xewkija’.  This was the second consecutive year that this honor was given by the Xewkija Local Council.  Mr Joseph Vella was presented the medal by the Mayor.


Marcellinu Hobz u Nbid
On the 29th November at the Xewkija Parish Center with the co-operation of the ‘Ghaqda Drammatika Xewkija’, a three-act play, named “Marcellino – Hobz u Nbid” was presented to the general public.


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