Carnival - 2004


The Xewkija Local Council organizes various activities for the Carnival.  The main activities are held on Saturday evening and Sunday morning.  Besides these activities, the Council also help in the organization of spontaneous Carnival at St Bert Street.

On Saturday, at the Parish Center a Carnival Costume Competition is organized.  Besides this competition the ‘Ghaqda Drammatika Xewkija’ organizes comic sketches and other dancing performances to entertain the present public.  The Mayor Dr Monica Vella presents all participants with trophies.

On Sunday morning, at the St John The Baptist Square a Carnival Show is organized.  This event begins by the Defile from St Bert Street to the main village Square with the participation of Banda Prekursur and carnival floats.  The dancing companies march towards the Square where they give their performance in front of hundreds of people.  Special guests for this year’s carnival were ‘Dulli u Veronica’  who entertained the present public by popular carnival songs.

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