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Activities - 2004 Public Garages 1 The Xewkija Local Council receives many complaints about the industrial zone which is found in our village.  The complaints are about sounds of industrial machines and mostly because of plastic and spray odor.


The Malta Industries Parks (previously known as Malta Development Corporation-MDC) applied to construct new industrial garages.  This application have been contested by the Xewkija Council since 1994.  In fact the MIP have amended its plans and reduced the number of industrial garages from twenty seven to seventeen and therefore the buffer zone between residents and the industrial zone was increased by about seventy meters.  Besides this the MIP will not allocate the nearest three garages to hazardous industry. Activities - 2004 Public Garages 2
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Although this was a positive step by the MIP, the Council still received complaints and therefore a Public Meeting was organized on the 10th November 2004.  The Mayor, Dr Monica Vella, explained to the public present for the meeting about the MIP application for Industrial Garages.  On the panel attended Mr George Cilia A&CE (MIP), Mr Joseph Gauci (MEPA) and the Council members - The Mayor, Dr Monica Vella, The Deputy Mayor Taddeo Busuttil A&CE and Councilors Mr George Zammit and Mr Mario Camilleri.  Councilor Mr Francis Grima could not attend due to work.  Ministry for Gozo, Hon. Giovanna Debono  and Dr Mario Gauce (OHSA) did not attend although were invited.  Dr Gauci informed us that he was abroad.

During the Public Meeting the residents expressed their worries and disagreed to add more industrial garages at Xewkija.  On their behalf The MEPA and MIP Officials explain the procedure of the application and what precautions are to be taken at the Industrial Zone.

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