Childrens' Outing

As part of the Christmas 2013 activities, Xewkija Local Council organized a childrens' outing for local children. Children of all ages attended this activity which included a ride throughout Gozo on a hop-on/hop-off bus and the Gozo 360° Experience.
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Jum ix-Xewkija [Main Event]


On Saturday 23rd November the main event of the festivities for Jum ix-Xewkija was held at Teatru Govanni (Centru Parrokjali Xewkija) and amongst the activities, Banda Prekursur held the annual musical programme which entertained those who attended.

Other activities included a fashion show brought by Little Booteek Kids' Wear where at the end of which, each child was given a partecipation certificate and a book. Also author Raymond C. Xerri and artist Paul Falzon donated their latest publications (a reading book about Xewkija's history for children and a drawing book about Xewkija's main sights) to the Local Council and to Xewkija Primary School.  

These activities led to the final item of the show, the annual prize of Gieh ix-Xewkija, which this year was given to Mr. Louis Vella, actual President of Banda Prekursur who is serving the local village for many years.

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Jum ix-Xewkija [War Monument and Mass Celebration]

On Wednesday 27th November, the 335th birthday of our village, Xewkija Local Council held two activities. Before the annual mass held at the Xewkia Parish Church dedicated to St. John the Baptist, there was a small ceremony next to Ta' Hniena Chapel, in which a new monument dedicated to the lost lives of World War I and World War II was unveiled. Present for the unveiling was Minister for Gozo Dr. Anton Refalo, Mayor Mr. Paul Azzopardi, local Archpriest Mons. Carmelo Merieca and Councillors Ms. Jeanelle Attard and Mr. Domenic Zerafa together with the relatives of the lost souls during war time.
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Wild West


On Sunday 24th November, Xewkija Local Council in collaboration with Ghaqda Drammatika Xewkija and Ghaqda Armar Xewkija, organized Wild West activity in the limits of Ta' Lambert, near the former Gozo heliport.

This activity was a big success and those present could enjoy a vast selection of western food, wines and beverages, western games, horse riding, Calypso Trains tours, line dancing, live music and much more.

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