Xewkija Day - 2004

Xewkija Day
27th November



The Xewkija Local Council organized various activities to commemorate the 326th anniversary of the Xewkija Parish.  The Xewkija Day is celebrated on the 27th of November but the activities were organized during the whole month of November.

Different sport activities were organized during the month of November and December.  With the cooperation of the Xewkija Tigers Nursery FC an Under Ten Tournament was held on Saturday 20th November at the Xewkija Training Ground.  For this football festival we had participation from other clubs in Gozo and even from Malta.  The Mayor of Xewkija Dr Monica Vella presented the trophies to the winners (Melita FC) and to all participants in this tournament.

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Pict0178 On the 20th November 6.30pm the  Arts and Xewkija Talent exhibition was officially opened by the Mayor of Xewkija Dr Monica Vella at the Parish Center Hall.  Archpriest Mons Carmelo Mercieca blessed the exhibition.  The exhibition was also opened during the whole week till the 28th of November.  Many people visited this exhibition and appreciated the talents of Xewkin.  Many of the items that were exhibited were done by students that attended for summer courses organized by the Xewkija Local Council.
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Pict0204 On the 22nd November, with the cooperation of the Head of School, Miss Antonia Sammut, the Local Council organized a Child Abuse and Traffic and Safety Campaign Day.  During this day the children and parents followed and participated in demonstrations by the Civil Protection Department and Red Cross Society.  The demonstrations were about traffic accidents, fire protection and other rescue exercises.
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Students were also given lectures about Child Abuse and Traffic by the Police Department, Vice Squad and traffic Squad.  The children enjoyed the practical Traffic Section in which they participated with their bicycles and pushchairs.  Finally they assisted with interest the demonstration by the Dog Section (Criminal).  The Mayor Dr Monica Vella and Councilor George Zammit presented the children with drawing books and play mobile toys.

The Mayor presented souvenirs to the Civil Protection Department, Red Cross Society (Gozo), Police Department (Vice Squad, Traffic Section and Dog Section) and Head of Xewkija Primary School.

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aaa01 On the 27th November the main activity of the Xewkija Day celebrations were held.  At 5.30pm a mass was concelebrated at the Xewkija Parish Church.


At 6.30pm a full program of activities was organized at the Xewkija Parish Center which was full with guests and Xewkija residents.  The program opened with the inauguration of the Gourgion Youth Band.  This is a new Band within the Banda Prekursur where the Youths have the opportunity to show their talents.  Gourgion Youth Band was blessed by Archpriest Mons Carmelo Mercieca while President Joanna Saliba explained how this new Band became a reality.  A marvelous musical program by the Gourgion Youth Band followed.
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During the same musical program, students from Xewkija who have participated in the competitions organized by the Council read their compositions about Xewkija.  The Mayor Dr Monica Vella presented the same students with books.  The Mayor also presented the Head of School by Lm200 worth of books to be used in the school class libraries. 

Radju Prekursur, Banda Prekursur and Xewkija Youth Forum presented to the Mayor books for the Xewkija Public Library.

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aaa13 After these presentation, Dr Monica Vella officially launched the book about Xewkija, "Xewkija, The First Village of Xewkija", which was commissioned to Rev Dr Joseph Bezzina.  Rev. Dr Bezzina briefed those present some important events in his 25th Gaulitana serious.  Rev. Dr Bezzina signed and presented the first book to the Mayor.  Dr Vella presented books to Mr Speaker Hon. Anton Tabone, Parliament  Members Hon Anton Refalo, Hon Justyne Caruana and Hon Anglu Farrugia, Magistrate Consuelo Scerri Herrera and Superintendent Paul Camilleri. The Mayor also presented books to   representatives of all organizations and committees of Xewkija.
On this occasion the Xewkija Youth Forum was also launched.  Ms Charlene Debrincat and Mr. Victor Joseph Vella PRO and Assistant PRO respectively, revealed how the Xewkija Youth Forum was formed and what are the perspectives of the Forum.  They also urged other youths to enter members in this new organization which will be organizing activities specifically for the youths including youth exchanges in other countries.


Premju 'Gieh ix-Xewkija'

The Xewkija Local Council organized the “Premju Gieh ix-Xewkija” for the third consecutive year.  The Xewkija residents, Local Organizations and Committees were invited to nominate persons for this award.

Eighteen nominations were received while ten persons or Organizations were nominated, as some had more than one nomination.  Maria Grech, Frans Galea, Archpriest Mons. Carmelo Mercieca, Carmel Camilleri, Grezzju Spiteri, Radio Prekursur, Augustine Dingli, Teddy Mizzi, Donald Camilleri, Francis Farrugia and Giovanni Pace were all nominated.

All local Organizations and Committees were invited to attend and cast their vote for the “Premju Gieh ix-Xewkija 2004”.  In fact Radio Prekursur, Horse Racing Xewkija Committee, St John The Baptist Feast Organizers Committee, Xewkija Youth Forum, MLP Xewkija, Prekursur Band and all Council Members participated in this election.  Archpriest Mons Carmelo Mercieca was elected as the winner of this year’s award.

During the Xewkija Day activity the Mayor Dr Monica Vella presented all nominated persons for the “Premju Gieh ix-Xewkija” by certificate of appreciation for their hard and voluntary work in favor of Xewkija while Archpriest Carmelo Mercieca was presented by the commemorative medal of this award.



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