Xewkija Day - 2005


Xewkija Day
27th November


Football Tournament
Different sport activities were organized during the month of November and December.  With the cooperation of the Xewkija Tigers Nursery FC an Under Ten Tournament was held on Saturday 19th November at the Xewkija Training Ground.  For this football festival we had participation from other clubs in Gozo and even from Malta.  The Mayor of Xewkija Dr Monica Vella presented the trophies to the winners (Valletta FC) and to all participants in this tournament. PICT0067 small
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Bocci Tournament
PICT0074 small At the Xewkija Bocci Club a Bowling (Bocci) Tournament was held on the 26th Novembr.  This is a popular sport with the Xewkin.  The tournament was divided in two sections, one for the youths and the athers for the more experienced players.  Mayor Dr Monica Vella presented trophies to the winners and runners up of each category.

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Holy Mass
On the 26th November the main activity of the Xewkija Day celebrations were held.  At 5.30pm a mass was concelebrated at the Xewkija Parish Church.
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Programme at Teatru Govanni

Following the mass, at 6.30pm a full program of activities was organized at the Xewkija Parish Center which was full with guests and Xewkija residents.  The activity opened by a musical program by Banda Prekursur.

During the same musical program, students from Xewkija who have participated in the competitions organized by the Council read their compositions about Xewkija.  The Mayor Dr Monica Vella presented the same students with books.  The Mayor also presented the Head of School by Lm200 worth of books to be used in the school class libraries.

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Premju 'Gieh ix-Xewkija'

At the end of the evening, but not least, the Xewkija Mayor Dr Monica Vella announced the winner of the ‘Premju Gieh ix-Xewkija’.  This was the fourth consecutive year that this honor was given by the Xewkija Local Council.  This year, seven persons were nominated for the "Premju Gieh ix-Xewkija".  Francis Farrugia, Giovanni Pace, Guzeppi Pace, Maria Grech, Mary Jane Xuereb, Jeanine Pace Van Doesburg and Augustine Dingli were all nominated.  Maria Grech was elected as the winner of "Gieh ix-Xewkija 2005".   The Mayor Dr Monica Vella presented the commemorative medal  to Maria Grech while the other persons nominated were presented by certificates of appreciation. DSC 2221 small
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Arts and Xewkija Talent Exhibition
DSC 2234 small After this ceremony, guests were invited to visit the Arts and Xewkija Talent Exhibition which was officially opened by the Mayor Dr Monica Vella and blessed by Archpriest Mons Carmelo Mercieca.  The exhibition was also opened during the whole week till the 4th December.  Many people visited this exhibition and appreciated the talents of Xewkin.  Many of the items that were exhibited were done by students that attended for summer courses organized by the Xewkija Local Council.
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Gnejnet it-Tfal
On Monday, the 28th November 2005, with the cooperation of Victoria Scouts and the Head of Xewkija Primary School, Miss Antonia Sammut a public garden was inaugurated by Mayor Dr Monica Vella.  During this activity students from the Rosa Magro Xewkija Primary School read poems, essays and sang songs about the importance of the environment.    The Mayor also addressed the children in this occasion.  A commemorative plaque was unveiled by the Mayor.  The Mayor Dr Monica Vella, Deputy Mayor Mr George Zammit, Head of School Miss Antonia Sammut, Asst. Head of School Mr Mario Debono, Victoria Scouts Rappresentative Mr Laurie Saliba and students planted olive trees in this garden which was named ‘Gnejnet it-Tfal’. PICT0155 small
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