Carnival - 2006

mini-DSC 0056 On Thursday 23rd February a traditional Carnival Dinner was organized at the Rosa Magro Primary School Hall, from 7.30pm onwards.  Special guest of the evening was 'is-Sur Gawdenz Bilocca’.  The traditional dance “Il-Kumittiva” also participated during this event.
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On Friday 24th February, at the Xewkija Parish Center, at 6.30 the Carnival Costumes Competitions were organized.  There were six categories for these competitions.  In all thirty seven children aged between 2 and thirteen participated for this year's competitions. The Ghaqda Drammatika Xewkija presented a Comical Sketch 'Qaxxarieli Sur Barbier'.  The Xewkija Local Council organized Carnival activities for The 2005 Carnival.  On Saturday 5th February, at the Xewkija Parish Centre, at 6.30pm the Carnival Costumes Competitions was organized.  At the end of this event Mayor Dr Monica Vella presented all participants with trophies.
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On Saturday 25th February, the main Carnival Show was held at St John The Baptist Square.  A defile of Carnival Dance Companies and Carnival Floats commenced from St. Bert Street at 5.30pm.  At the same time at St John The Baptist Square the Carnival Dance Companies started their performances.  Unfortunately about 7.45pm the program had to be stopped due to heavy rain.

During all five Carnival Days, i.e. from the 24th to the 28th February at St Bert Street near the Our Lady of Sorrow Chapel, Traditional Spontaneous Carnival was held.

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