Festa - 2007


Radju Prekursur with the cooperation of the the Xewkija Local Council organized the musical Grajjietna.  The musical was about the history of Xewkija and the people of Xewkija.  The musical was organized at St John The Baptist Square on the 12th and 13th June.  A DVD of this musical can be ordered at Radju Prekursur. 

This year the second dome of the Rotunda Church was inaugurated and blessed.  The Cross that will stand on top of the dome was also blessed and put in place.  Mayor Dr Monica Vella switched on the decoration lights on this occasion. 

The Local Council members also participated in other activities organized by the parish on the occasion of St John the Baptist Feast.  For more photos about the Xewkija Feast 2007 please visit the Xewkija Community Radio Website on: www.radjuprekursur.com

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