Xewkija Day - 2007

Xewkija Day 2007


The Xewkija Local Council organized various activities to commemorate the 329th anniversary of the Xewkija Parish.  The Xewkija Day is celebrated on the 27th of November but the activities were organized during the whole month of November.


Football Tournament
Different sport activities were organized during the month of November.  On the 17th and 18th of November, with the cooperation of the Xewkija Tigers Nursery FC an Under Ten  and Under Thirteen Tournaments were organized at the Xewkija Training Ground.  For these football festivals we had participation from other local  football nurseries including two from Malta.  The Mayor of Xewkija Dr Monica Vella presented the trophies to the winners and to all participants in this tournament including our Nursery, Xewkija Tigers FC.
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Commemorative Plaque in new premises
On the 24th November the main activity of the Xewkija Day celebrations was held.  The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and the Councillors unveiled a commemorative plaque at the Xewkija Local Council Office.  The plaque commemorates the final payments done by the present Council to buy the premises of the Local Council Office.  The premises were paid during the last five years by the fourth and fifth Local Coucnils. 

Afterwards the Prekursur Band marched through Triq Torri Tingi, Triq il-Kbira, Triq Santa Katerina and Triq Hamrija.

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Billiard and Bocci Tournament

At the Prekursur Band Club a Billiard Tournament was organized during the month of November.  The Final was played on the 24th November.  Mayor Dr Monica Vella presented trophies to the winners and runners up at the same club.

At the Xewkija Bocci Club a Bowling (Bocci) Tournament was held.  The Final was played on the 24th November.  This is a very popular sport with the Xewkin.  Mayor Dr Monica Vella presented trophies to the winners and runners up of this tournament.

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Musical Programme
At 6.30pm a full program of activities was organized at the Rosa Magro Primary School hall, which was full with guests and Xewkija residents.  The activity opened by a musical program by Banda Prekursur.
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During the same musical programme, students from Xewkija who partecipated in the competitions organized by Local Council read their compositions about Xewkija. The Mayor Dr. Monica Vella presented books to the partecipants.
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Grajjietna and Book Presentation
During the same activity Frans Galea, Director of Radju Prekursur presented a DVD of the Musical 'Grajjietna - Ix-Xewkija tul iz-Zmien'.  The Musical was performed in June 2007 on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of Radju Prekursur.  A resident from Xewkija, Mrs Mary Axiaq also presented books (encyclopaedia)  to the Mayor for the Xewkija Public Library.
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Ta' Blankas
The olive yard situated in the area known as Ta' Blinkas and known as the 'Gnien Ta' Blinkas' was devolved to the Council.  The Council is working to maintain this olive yard and an agreement was reached with the Gozo Cottage Co.  The same agreement was signed during the activities of the Xewkija Day.  Mr Ruben Curmi signed on behalf of the Gozo Cottage while Dr Monica Vella, Mayor and Mr Ruben Cassar, Executive Secretary signed on behalf of the Xewkija Local Council.
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Premju Gieh ix-Xewkija
The Xewkija Mayor Dr Monica Vella announced the winner of the ‘Premju Gieh ix-Xewkija’.  This was the sixth consecutive year that this honour was given by the Xewkija Local Council.  This year, five persons were nominated for the "Premju Gieh ix-Xewkija".  Mario Borg and Ivan Farrugia (nominated together), Giovanni Pace, Augustine Dingli and Joseph Galea were all nominated.  Augustine Dingli was elected as the winner of "Gieh ix-Xewkija 2007".   The Mayor Dr Monica Vella presented the commemorative medal  to Augustine Dingli while the other persons nominated were presented by certificates of appreciation.
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Embellishment Widnet il-Bahar
At the end of the evening, the guests and residents were invited to the inauguration of the Embellishment Project at the Triq Widnet il-Bahar (the street behind the School).  The Mayor Dr Monica Vella lit the decorative lamps and unveiled the commemorative plaque.  The Youth Committee within the Prekursur Band Club also unveiled the commemorative plaque of the St John The Baptist Monument.   Archpriest Mons. Carmelo Mercieca blessed the monument and the embellishment project.
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Mass and Exhibition
On the 27th of November more activities were held by the Xewkija Local Council.  At 5.15pm a mass was concelebrated at the Xewkija Parish Church. After the mass, The Arts and Xewkija Talent Exhibition was officially opened by the Mayor Dr Monica Vella and blessed by Archpriest Mons Carmelo Mercieca.  The exhibition was also opened during the same week till the 2nd December.  Many people visited this exhibition and appreciated the talents of Xewkin.  Many of the items that were exhibited were done by students that attended for summer courses organized by the Xewkija Local Council.  Students from the Xewkija, Rosa Magro Primary School also visited the exhibition.
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