Gozo 1234 - 2008


The Xewkija Local Council participated with various activities during the GOZO 1234 that was organized in Gozo during the first four days of May 2008.  These activities were intended to promote Gozo.  Many Maltese and tourists visited Gozo during these days and our Council with the cooperation of various organizations within our village prepared some activities.

The Rotunda Church and the Museum of Sculpture were kept open for longer hours.  By means of the lift situated in the church visitors could go on the Church's roof and enjoy panoramic views of Gozo.  Ghaqda Drammatika presented the play "It-Tieg ta' Karmena Abdilla".  A football tournament for the U/11's was organized by the Xewkija Tigers FC Nursery.

An exhibition was organized by Mario Cassar at the Gorgion Art Studio.  Other exhibitions were organized by Hubert Saliba and Paul Falzon at the Parish Center and by Victor Agius and school children at the Rosa Primary Rosa Magro.

Another exhibition of parchment craft, miniatures of churches, stone decorations, fisherman nets, Military and civilian motorcycles and vehicles was organized at the St John the Baptist Square on Sunday. There was also Live Folklore Music during this activity.

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