Xewkija Day - 2009

Xewkija Day
The Xewkija Local Council organized various activities to commemorate the 331st anniversary of the Xewkija Parish.  The Xewkija Day is celebrated on the 27th of November but the activities were organized during the months of October and November.


On the 30th of October, with the cooperation of the US Embassy, the Halloween activity was organized at the Gozo College, Xewkija Primary.  In his presentation, Mr Elijah Waterman explained to the children about the American tradition and culture that is still popular nowadays for the Halloween.  The most popular tradition is the pumpkin decoration and the children with the help of the teachers managed to decorate their class with a pumpkin as guided by Mr Waterman.  At the end of the activity the Mayor Dr Monica Vella presented a souvenir to Mr Elijah Waterman while he also gifted books to the Headmaster Mr Saviour Tabone.  Afterwards the children were all given sweets.
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On the 1st of November, with the cooperation of the Gozo Bird Breeders Association, a bird show was organized at the Gozo College, Xewkija School hall.  The Mayor Dr Monica Vella presented the trophies to the winners and participants of the various categories of the Bird Show.
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On the 22nd of November, with the cooperation of the Xewkija Tigers Nursery FC an Under Eight Tournament was organized.  The tournament was held on the artificial turf ground at the Xewkija  Primary School.  For this football festival we had participants from other local  football nurseries.  The Mayor  Dr Monica Vella presented the trophies to all participants of this tournament including our Nursery, Xewkija Tigers FC.
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On the 27th of November, The Commissioner for Children Carmen Zammit visited the Xewkija Primary School.  The Commissioner was welcomed by the Mayor Dr Monica Vella.  The Commissioner is visiting  most of the schools on our island to inform children about their rights.  The children were shown a video and had the opportunity to meet the popular mascot, Guginu.
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On the 27th of November more activities were held by the Xewkija Local Council.  At 5.15pm a mass was concelebrated at the Xewkija Parish Church.

After the mass, The Arts and Xewkija Talent Exhibition was officially opened by the Mayor Dr Monica Vella and blessed by Archpriest Mons Carmelo Mercieca.  The exhibition was also opened during the next week till the 3rd December.  Many people visited this exhibition and appreciated the talents of Xewkin.  Many of the items that were exhibited were done by students that attended for summer courses organized by the Xewkija Local Council.

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On the 28th November the main activity of the Xewkija Day celebrations was held.  At 7.00pm a full program of activities was organized at the Gozo College, Xewkija Primary hall, which was full with guests and Xewkija residents.  The activity opened by a musical program by Banda Prekursur.

During the same musical program, students from Xewkija who have participated in the competitions organized by the Council read their compositions about Xewkija.  The Mayor Dr Monica Vella presented the same students with books.

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Kindergarten pupils that attend the Xewkija Primary School sang and animated a song.  Afterwards the same children and others who participated in the Reading Scheme (Il-Ktieb Tezor) were presented with books by the Mayor.
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The Xewkija Mayor Dr Monica Vella announced the winner of the ‘Premju Gieh ix-Xewkija’.  This was the eigth consecutive year that this honour was given by the Xewkija Local Council.  This year, sevon persons were nominated for the "Premju Gieh ix-Xewkija".  Bro. Seragin Borg, Bro. Dijonisju Attard, John Pace, Chev. Nazzareno Calleja, Anthony Grima, John Caruana and Frans Galea were all nominated.  Frans Galea was elected as the winner of "Gieh ix-Xewkija 2009".   The Mayor Dr Monica Vella presented the commemorative medal  to Frans Galea while the other persons nominated were presented by certificates of appreciation.
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Another activity was held on the 30th of November at the Xewkija Primary School.  For the first time the Xewkija Local Council organized the Children's Local Council.  During the month of November, at the Primary School five students were elected to form this Council.  On Saturday the 28th the Mayor and Deputy Mayor were also elected while Mayor Dr Monica Vella explained to the elected members how the Council functions.  On the 30th of November the Children' Local Council had the opportunity to decide which projects they would like realize in their own school.  The Xewkija Local Council will be giving them a budget for the projects approved during their public meeting.
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