Carnival - 2010

The Xewkija Local Council organized Carnival activities for The 2010 Carnival.  On Friday 12th February, at the Xewkija Parish Center, at 6.30 the Carnival Costumes Competitions were organised.  There were six categories for these competitions.  About thirty children aged between 2 and thirteen participated for this year's competitions.  At the end of this event Mayor Dr Monica Vella presented all participants with trophies.  Ghaqda Drammatika Xewkija also presented a comical play 'Inspezzjoni f'Manikomju'.  Folk dances were also performed by the Sinnet Folk Group.
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On Saturday 13th February, the main Carnival Show was held at St John The Baptist Square.  A defile of Carnival Dance Companies and Carnival Floats commenced from St. Bert Street at 6.00pm.  At the same time at St John The Baptist Square the Carnival Dance Companies started their performances.  Tonio Vella, il-Majsi, presented this show.
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The Xewkija Local Council organized traditional and spontaneous carnival in various clubs and pubs that we have around our village.  Traditional and spontaneous carnival was very popular in our village few years back.  The Council would like to revive this tradition in our village.  Hopefully next year we will have more participation.
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The program for Sunday 14th which included a Carnival Parade with the participation of Prekursur Band and the Carnival floats from Ta’ Gokk Street to Soil Street had to be postponed due to bad weather.  But this program was than organized on Monday evening at 7.30pm.  The Carnival Parade commenced from St Bert Street and finished at St John The Baptist Square.  There was also the traditional carnival dance known as "Il-Kummittiva" and shows performed by the carnival companies.  At the end of this event the traditional "Il-Kukkanja" was organized for the fourth consecutive time by the Xewkija Local Council.
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