Fior d'Argenta - 2011

The  Xewkija  Local  Council  presented  Fiori  D’Argenta,  a  festival  of  culture,  history,  drama  and traditions, on Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th June 2011.
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Friday 10th June
Official  opening  of  Fiori D’Argenta.   At  8.15pm.  Prekursur  Phil.  Soc. marched from Torri Tingi Street, San Zakkarija  Street  and  St  John  the  Baptist  Square.   A musical  program  with  the participation of  local talent followed.   The evening ended with a live performance by special guests, the popular band - Red Electric.
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 Saturday 11th June

Open Day for Historical places in  Xewkija.  The Sculpture Museum, The Rotunda Church and The Gozo 360o  Experience are some of our interesting and historical places.

The activities continued in the evening at St John The Baptist Square with a local talent show.  At  the  same  time,  there was a Classic  and  Antique Motor  show.   Special guests of the evening were Catch A Fire Malta.
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Sunday 12th June

A Horse Defile with the participation of the Prekursur Phil. Soc. marched through various roads and ended with  the blessing of the horses at St  John The Baptist Square.  An exhibition of antique cabs, coaches and carriages was also held, accompanied by the Seguna Folk Group. 

Special guests of the day were The Marsa Scouts Pipes and Drums and The Marsa Scouts Corps of Drums who marched through various roads and met at the St John The Baptist Square where they performed a unique show.   The entertainment continued with traditional folk music by San Bert Folklor.  Fiori D’Argenta’s last activity was the Drama Production ‘Grajjietna’ by Teatru Giovanni.

During the three days of activities at St John the Baptist Square there were also other activities:

·  Exhibition of Local Crafts, Stone sculpture, Blacksmith’s craft, and many other artisan works

·  Local Artists Exhibition 

·  Kids Fair

·  Feasts Decorations

This  event  was organized with  the  collaboration  of  the  Parliamentary  Secretariat  for Consumers,  Fair  Competition,  Local  Council and Public  Dialogue  and the Malta Tourism Authority.  Hon. Dr Chris Said, Parliament Secretary for   Consumers, Fair Competition, Local Council and Public Dialogue visited our village during the Fiori D’Argenta.

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