International Food Festival

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An estimated 6,000 people attended the Gozo Special Edition of the International Food Festival, which took place in Xewkija on Saturday 2nd September.

Held for the first time in Gozo, the Festival offered 7 international cuisines, offering no less than 50 different dishes. Visitors on the evening were entertained with various activities such as folk music, bands and local singers, attracting locals, Maltese and foreign visitors to our parish square.

In a statement, the Minister for Gozo Dr Justyne Caruana remarked that Central Government is committed to organizing a variety of cultural activities in Gozo throughout the year. She stressed the need for events of this type on the island's cultural calendar in order to attract more tourists to Gozo. 

Dr Caruana added that together with other departments and entitites, they are drawing up a programme of activities to take place throughout the coming year.

More photos of the event, courtesy of (Mr. Frans Galea) can be seen below.



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