Fifth Council

The fifth election for the Council of Xewkija was held on Saturday 12th March 2005. The Councillors elected were Dr. Monica Vella, Mr. Teddy Mizzi, Mr. George Zammit, Mr. Donald Pace and Mr. Taddeo Busuttili A&CE. The Council members took their Oath of Office on Tuesday 29th March 2005. On April 4th 2005, Dr. Monica Vella accpeted the Office of Mayor, while Mr. George Zammit was elected Deputy Mayor.


On the 12th March the elections of the Xewkija Local Council were held.  Dr Monica Vella was confirmed as the Mayor of Xewkija while Mr George Zammit was elected as the Deputy Mayor.  Mr Teddy Mizzi, Mr Donald Pace and Mr Teddy Busuttil (A@CE) were elected as Councilors.  These were the official results as publisehd by the Department of Information. 
monica small 5th TEDDY-MIZZI 5th Xewkija Zammit George 5th Xewkija Busuttil Taddeo 5th donald small 5th


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